Text Box:   October 2008

Tanny Baumann



Dr. Michael Gross

Medical Director


Jane Gepford, RN

Director of Nursing


Eileen Rau

DHS Board



Vickie Block

Assistant Administrator


Lindsey Moore

Risk Manager/Human Resources Director


Cathy Hackney

Social Worker


Katherine Hilbrandt

Social Worker


Amy Bierschbach

Admission Coordinator


Bruce Ralston

Environmental Services Director


Michele Bonfield

Activities Director,



Monica Bissett


Admissions Director


Joann Nelson

Hair Care Services



We have many fun and exciting activities planned for the month of October, all leading up to Halloween!


On Monday, October 13, 2008 at 2:00pm join us for a Fall Walk, or on Friday, October 24, 2008 at 6:15pm for a Kids Halloween Parade on second and third floors! Please RSVP by October 17, 2008 to the Activity Department at extension 4226. See the Activity calendar insert for all of this months fun activities!


Please join us on Halloween Day for music, and a costume Halloween

 party at 2:30pm. Don’t forget your costume!

October Activities

              “The Amazing Race” at ICMCF

The residents of our short term rehab unit were in for an adventure when they arrived for therapy on 09/23/2008. The day before the Residents were told they would have a special group activity planned for the next day and you could feel their excitement and anticipation build as they speculated about what the therapists had planned! Then the resident were informed they were embarking on a trip around the World!


Their first stops were the soccer fields of Spain, incorporating the soccer ball into various activities. The next clue to the residents to the caves of Mexico. Here the residents walked under a makeshift cave and navigated the narrow pathway of the parallel bars. The next clue to the residents to the Great Wall of China (which was actually the steps in the therapy room.) The area was decorated with signs and Chinese Lanterns. Each resident took their turn ‘scaling the great wall’!


The next clue lead everyone back to New York City! The residents enjoyed the patriotic decorations and the therapists red, white, and  blue accessories! To complete this challenge the residents were asked to complete a try our for the Rockettes and Broadway. This           activity incorporated dowel exercises and leg exercises with a little pizzazz! 1950’s and 1960’s music was played as the exercises were completed. The residents really seemed to enjoy this as they even showed some of their own creative dance moves. The final stop of the adventure lead us to Italy. To complete this challenge the residents would need to become chefs and make pizza.! Everyone in the challenge made their own personal pizza. While the pizza’s were baking each resident’s passport was stamped to show they had successfully completed this ‘Amazing Race’!