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TITLE:                       Room Décor Policy

CATEGORY: Safety                                                 Page:   1 of 1

DATE:                        June 2008 (Effective September 1, 2008)


PURPOSE:     Our facility believes in making ICMCF a homelike environment, but safety for our residents, staff, and visitors is our first priority. Compliance with this policy will make the facility safer for everyone.


                        Items NOT permitted in Resident Rooms:

  • No  electric heaters or fan/heaters
  • No heating pads, heating blankets, or heated massaging chair pads 
  • No floor fans unless prior approval from the Maintenance Department and the Interdisciplinary Team
  • No furniture unless prior approval from the Maintenance Department and Interdisciplinary Team.
  • No foot stools unless medically necessary
  • No refrigerators or microwaves
  • No knick-knack shelves
  • No storage on the floor, underneath beds, or on top of resident wardrobes
  • No perishable food items allowed in resident rooms

-Keep all perishable food items in the refrigerator or freezer in the pantry, stored in a closed container with a name and date on it. Staff will assist with putting food away. If food is found not labeled it will be disposed of. Items are only saved for three days after the date posted on the container and will be disposed of by ICMCF Staff.

  • No latex balloons
  • No bird feeders
  • No wall hangings of any kind

* Any other electronic appliances (Holiday Decorations, Lights, etc.) not listed above must be approved and tagged by the Maintenance Department.

* If items are hung on the walls or there is an excess of clutter a member of our management staff will contact the family for immediate removal.

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